'First Crush'

'First Crush' photo by Kordes

'First Crush'

  • Class:  Floribunda
  • Growth Habit:  Bushy to about 3 feet
  • Color:  Lightest creamy pink
  • Disease Resistance:  50 (out of 60)
  • Flowering:  25 (out of 30)
  • Fragrance:  10 (out of 10)
  • Total Rating:  85 (out of 100)

Not only does this rose have high disease resistance, but also 'First Crush' satisfies the senses in every way.  It produces clusters of lushly fragrant blooms.  As the buds begin to open they reveal a dark red, almost plum color, but the petals quickly unfurl to a most delicate creamy pink.  The combination of buds and open blooms in a single cluster is really beautiful.  To my eye, the whole effect is a throwback to the roses of bygone days.  With the German name 'Constanze Mozart', I imagine this rose growing in Mozart's own garden, while the sound of his sonatas echoes through the garden paths.

Introduced in 2012 by Kordes as 'Constanze Mozart' (KORmaccap).

All of the roses highlighted in this section are part of what I call "New Millennial" Roses

All scores are based on my data and record keeping

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